Phoniatrics in Bahrain

Phoniatrics in Bahrain

In the Kingdom of Bahrain, phoniatrics is a new section in ORL H&N surgery department that was established in year 2000 by Dr. Nabeel Tammam (FRCS Eng.). This was approved by Bahrain Ministry of Health.

Communication and Swallowing Disorders Unit (CSDU) has the honor of working under the umbrella of the Department of ORL, in Salmanyia Medical Complex (the main government hospital).

In Bahrain, the situation of phoniatrics might be different from other countries. We don’t have a phoniatrician who is specialized! Dr. Nabeel Tammam wanted to establish the clinic with his experience in phonosurgery and with the help of his excellent knowledge in phoniatrics he started the clinic.

The voice clinic, as we call it, comprises Dr.Nabeel, as a consultant phonosurgeon, Mrs. Mona Ahmed, Mrs.Rabea (both SLP), Dr.Deena Al Shabib, Dr.Bushra Fakhrawi (ORL surgeons), and me, Dr.Hala Radhi.

Future plan for the clinic:

I applied to do my Master in phoniatrics in Alexandria University 2014, and hopefully will be the first phoniatrician in Bahrain.

Voice clinic events:

Each year we celebrate the World Voice Day. We choose a social public area, like a shopping mall, and we demonstrate some educational material about voice hygiene and voice care.

Dr.Nabeel Tammam, Dr.Deena and I are working on a retrospective study about causes of dysphonia in Bahrain.
Dr.Hala Radhi Shelya-DOHNS(RCS-eng)