Phoniatrics in Brazil

Phoniatric practice in Brazil has been done until the initial 90's. Brazilian otorhinolaryngology followed north-American tendencies to separate the voice field in 2: the medical part and the speech-language pathology (non-medical) part. Part of that was because this former one has a great tradition since the 60's, with a strong influence in Latin America.

Because of that, in Brazil we have laryngologists, more preoccupied with the structure of the vocal folds, leaving the comprehension of function and pedagogy to the speech-language pathologists (SLP) and voice therapists that are really excellent here.

I really believe that ENT doctors in Brazil have got so far from the functional voicing, which in turn has reduced his/her power to understand better the voice mechanism, prominently in singing, and there is surely a strict and strong dependency of the SLP work to decide about important medical issues, as for example, when to perform surgery or not.

We do not have a course about phoniatrics in Brazil since probably the 80's, and I really observe in my specific practice, with professional singers in Sao Paulo, that indeed there is an intense need of physicians who can understand the function of voicing rather than just the structure of voice, to help better the performers and for them to work in a responsible and shareable way together with the SLP's and singing teachers, in order to treat better the professional voice.

I am really interested in helping the development and promotion of phoniatrics in Brazil and Latin America, and I'm quite sure that there is a great space and field for the ENT doctors to work.

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