Phoniatrics in Greece

The development of the science of phoniatrics is relatively new in Greece. As there is no formal educational program established, the exact number of phoniatricians in Greece cannot be estimated. There are 2 medical societies focused in voice and swallowing, the Greek Society of Phoniatrics and Swallowing Disorders and the Society of Phoniatrics and Voice Arts, with the collaboration of both clinicians (ENTs, speech therapists) and artists.

Outpatient clinics in public hospitals are present in Athens (Laiko General Hospital, Ippocratio University Hospital), in Thessaloniki (Papageorgiou General Hospital), as well as in Crete (Chania General Hospital). Two private centers also exist in Athens, the Athens Medical Voice Centre and Athens Voice and Swallowing Centre.

Events which took place in 2014
15th March 2014: Lecture on “Voice in our daily and professional life” with live stroboscopic demonstration by Dr. Kiagiadaki (ENT, phoniatrician) and Mrs Papagiannaki- Roukas (opera singer, singing teacher and conductor) at Synchronon Conservatoire of Crete, Heraklion – Crete

29th March 2014: Discussion - Concert for the World’s Voice Day at Athens Voice and Swallowing Centre, Athens

29th March 2014: Seminar of the Union of Hellenic Otorhinolaryngologists for the “Swallowing assessment in the outpatient clinic – Endoscopic functional evaluation”, Athens Voice and Swallowing Centre, Athens

8th April 2014: Lecture of Dr. Lambropoulos (ENT, phoniatrician) with the title “Swallowing assessment in the outpatient clinic”, Ippocratio University Hospital, Athens

9th April 2014: Concert for the World’s Voice Day at Athens Voice and Swallowing Centre (Duo Tenors, “Fina’s Earth Songs”), Athens

10th May 2014: YGEIA Hospital, Athens

Symposium in Phoniatrics (guest speaker: Jean Abbitbol, France)
Organiser: Ass. Prof. Dr. Papaspyrou

27th - 28th September 2014: Neapoli, Crete, Greece

3rd Seminar of Phoniatrics and Related Arts
17th – 19th October 2014: Athens, Greece

22nd postgraduate congress of the Panhellenic Society of Otorhinolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery

Devora Kiagiadaki, Heraklion, Greece