Phoniatrics in Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan is not very developed in phoniatrics. There are not so many phoniatricians in Kazakhstan. The ear-nose-throat organization in Kazakhstan has not defined specific phoniatrics. But we do all our best to develop phoniatrics in our country.

In Almaty State we have a surdophoniatric center in our main clinic of otorhinolaryngology and phoniatric section at Kazakh University of graduated medical education in Almaty and separate phoniatricians at the otorhino-laryngology department in Astana.

But despite this, our singers and people with voice problems are never left unattended. In our opera houses during performances there are always caring phoniatricians like Saltanat Karymsakova in Almaty and Aliya Turaeva in Astana.

All scientific research in laryngology and phoniatrics is performed by the otorhinolaryngology department of the Medical University Astana in our capital (the Head: Rais Tulebayev) and phoniatric section of the otorhinolaryngology department of Kazakh University of graduated medical education in Almaty (the Head of Section: Dinara Toguzbayeva).

We combine science and practice in our work. We have some publications in national and foreign issues.

Phoniatric care is provided to all patients with voice dysfunctions, especially those of voice and speech professions: artists, announcers, university and college teachers, teachers of music schools, kindergarten educators and other persons whose voice is an essential part of their individual image and profession.

Today's priority areas are:

  • Development of phoniatrics in all regions of our country
  • Development of methods for early diagnosis of voice disorders and issues of phoniatric expertise
  • Rehabilitation of voice functions of patients with vocal fold paralysis, after reconstructive surgery to restore the laryngeal lumen of patients with larynx stenosis of various etiologies
  • Training of artificial voice for patients after laryngectomy.

We have published the methodical instruction: "Diagnosis methods of larynx"

To develop phoniatrics at the beginning of our way we built some master classes. We try not to miss important events in phoniatrics. Now we just have started a program to screen-methods of voice functions in singing children population. We hope that this will give us the opportunity to grow up as a healthy nation with best voices! Because singing – this is a necessary tradition of our nation.

Docent Dinara Toguzbayeva, Head of phoniatric section of the otorhinolaryngology department of Kazakh University of graduated medical education, Almaty, Kazakhstan