Phoniatrics in Russia

Russian specialists actively participate in the development and promotion of phoniatrics in Russia. 2014 was one of the most productive and remarkable years for Russia in the field of phoniatrics.

Russian doctors prepared for a long time for celebrating the World Voice Day 2014. In the result 61 events were held in the 13 biggest cities. The total amount of events was very high and Omsk, Stavropol, Moscow, Cherepovets and Yaroslavl became champions who made the biggest amount of events. This day became remarkable for us because Russia got 1st place in the international rating of events amount. These events gained a lot of attention of young colleagues and voice specialists to the problem of voice safety and preventative measures for it.

The organizer of World Voice Day 2014 in Russia was the Federal Clinic Research Center of Otorhinolaryngology of Russian Federation Ministry of Public Health. Voice events were hold in 7 federal districts of Russia (the total amount of which is 8), so only one region didn’t participate due to some problems. Doctors, teachers, students of medical universities helped to organize the celebrating of the World Voice Day.

Some great doctors, great specialists organized the biggest amount of events. They are L. Doronina (Omsk), G. Krzhechkovskaya (Stavropol), V. Vavin (Kemerovo), V. Kokorina (Khabarovsk). These events included talk shows on the radio and on TV. It showed the importance of voice in our lifes and helped doctors to promote information about voice disorders to ordinary people.
The Federal Clinic Research Center of Otorhinolaryngology of Russian Federation Ministry of Public Health held the 27th Congress of the Union of the European Phoniatricians at 2nd -5th October. The congress president was the Chief of Phoniatrics Department with a laboratory of vocal and scenic voice, Dr. Ekaterina Osipenko.

More than 300 specialists from 28 countries participated in this congress. The scientific program embraced scientific and clinical problems of phoniatrics.

This meeting not only reflected the latest research in this field but also provided the interdisciplinary exchange and discussion between participants who were involved in voice, hearing, speech disorder treatments and professional relations between Russian and foreign colleagues.

Docent Ekaterina Osipenko, UEP congress president 2014 and Alesia Klyga, Moscow, Russia

Phoniatrics in Russia

In the Russian Federation, 65 departments deal with phoniatrics: 40 of these are city and regional offices, 14 are specialized centers and the remaining 11 are offices concerning assistance to children. In the existing departments, staff consists of 88 phoniatricians and 56 logopedists.

The average ratio of medical personnel compared to population is 0.08 of 100 thousand (the average ratio of teachers compared to population is 0.06 of 100 thousand).

World Voice Day is traditionally celebrated in many cities of Russia. On this festive spring day, organizers prepare many interesting cultural and scientific programs, associated with festival events. In 2013, some activities were proposed for the prevention of voice disorders in Russia, including the World Voice Day. The Siberian Clinic Center held an ”Doors Open Day” for pupils of school №149 in Krasnoyzrsk. The Otolaryngology Department made an excursion for the children of the fourth grade. Children were able to observe how a physician-otolaryngologist makes an examination of the organs related to the voice, ear, throat and nose. After the observation, they were given a presentation about bad habits regarding the voice apparatus. Also in the Clinic, round-table discussions, devoted to the World Voice Day, were held.

In the Altai Musical College, there were a conference and a gala concert of students of vocal faculty. Also a master class on scenic speech was conducted. Students of the actor's faculty of the Altai Academy of Culture participated in this event.
A Gala concert entitled "Music of the XIX Century” and “Europe & Russia" took place in the Moscow region. Winners of the Russian and International Competitions participated in a concert.
In Astrakhan, lectures on "Hygiene of a Voice” and “Disease of the Voice Device" were given.
A celebration concert in St-Petersburg was devoted to the World Voice Day. The Choir of Children’s Art School № 37 (conductor Ekaterina Senushkina), Ensemble “Vivat” (conductor Olga Rykalina), and others participated.

The Civic Chamber of the Russian Federation held a session devoted to the World Voice Day. Members of the Chamber along with invited Gala Concert in St Petersburg.

The Federal Scientific and Federal Clinical Center of Otorhinolaryngology of Russia became the initiator and main organizer of activities for the celebration of the World Voice Day in Russia in 2006. For eight years, in Russia, 240 events devoted to the International Day of a Voice were held. This year, six of eight federal districts of the Russian Federation became participants of the festival activities.

Docent Ekaterina Osipenko, Chairwoman of Phoniatricians’ Section of the Russian ENT Society, UEP Congress President 2014, Moscow, Russia

Phoniatrics in Russia

As of December 2012 in Russia the phoniatric aid is offered by 55 phoniatricians, of whom 20 physicians work with children. The population of Russia makes 141 million (25% are children). Taking into account recommendations of the Union of the European Phoniatricians (UEP), 265 phoniatricians are required for adults and 175 for children. In 2012, in the Federal Centre of otolaryngology 18 otolaryngologists were specially trained.

In the city of Krasnoyarsk (Siberia) in 2013 the second phoniatrics consulting room will be opened within the Siberian center of otolaryngology. The general situation of phoniatrics is unsatisfactory in the region. Local authorities and healthcare organizations do not invest in development of phoniatrics (most likely, due to their unavailability). By order of the Healthcare Ministry of Russian Federation the voice load is excluded from development factors of professional diseases. That is why it is rather difficult to get free phoniatric aid for Russian people who do not live in Moscow or St. Petersburg.

In Moscow a positive tendency in organization of phoniatric departments is observed, increase in the number of personnel, re-equipment, and procurement of modern endoscopic devices. Generally in Russia the situation remains difficult.

Docent Ekaterina Osipenko, Chairwoman of Phoniatricians’ Section of the Russian ENT Society, UEP Congress President 2014, Moscow, Russia

Phoniatrics in Russia

The organization - the Association Phoniatrics and Phonopedov which was headed by Prof. J.S. Vasilenko has stopped the existence in 2005 in connection with his death.

The Section phoniatrics of the Russian otorhinolaryngology society (SPROS) has been organised in 2007.

The Section has 95 phoniatrics. There is also the Academy of the Voice uniting vocal teachers, logopedists, doctors (200 persons) in Russia.

The situation of phoniatrics in Russia:

Phoniatrics is not an official subspecialty of the otorhinolaryngology. Unfortunately last years the situation of phoniatrics in Russia was not the best: absence of modern equipment in departments, absence of doctors as well as of speech pathologists. But tendencies to improvement were outlined in 2011. In February 2011 the Ministry of Public Health of the Russian Federation has published an injunction regulating the organisation of new phoniatric departments, provided with new modern equipment.

Docent Ekaterina Osipenko, Chairwoman of Phoniatricians Section of the Russian ENT Society, Moscow, Russia