Report of extra-european countries

Report of the representative of UEP members of extra-european countries

As a representative of Egypt on the UEP, I would like to say that "I have a dream"!

It focuses on:

  • Creating a reference for qualification for Phoniatricians to reduce the differences that exist at present in the training programs. These can be in content, duration, and quality. Such a reference may reduce the differences and facilitate circulation of specialists across borders in the domain of the UEP. I trust that the EAP shall help securing that goal through courses and evaluation examinations. Then a Certificate!
  • Since the world assets of Phoniatricians actually rest in the UEP (nowhere else in the world does our specialty exist!), I hope that communication among its member states may be intensified beyond one annual meeting. May be "A spring meeting and a Fall Meeting". One north of the Mediterranean and one South of the Mediterranean. This should not prevent special courses and seminars whenever it is needed. In short, I look forward to closer ties between the European and the Extra European "sections".
  • I do hope that the work already achieved in creating a comprehensive reference (book) in Phoniatrics shall provide the badly needed one comprehensive book to be the basis for the reference qualification. Hopefully that book shall address fields of: structure and function of human communication, basic phonetics and linguistics, in addition to the clinical fields that encompass vocology, speech, language , hearing as pertinent to language, swallowing.
  • The efforts to formulate an electronic bulletin are to be praised. Hopefully this may be repeated more than once per year.
  • Naturally the Website is an influential tool in facilitating communication among the members of the UEP. This site may focus on the history of the UEP and its development, preferably with pictures.
  • Complete the effort to compile an updated list of participants of the countries of UEP and its members (not only the representatives in UEP), with email address and preferably phone numbers.

Professor M. Nasser Kotby MD, MCh, FRCS(AH)ED
President of the Egyptian Society of Phoniatrics and Logopedics, Cairo, Egypt